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DIDIOK WD35 wireless smart remote control light controller by 600W

Model: WD35
Power supply mode: 220V alternating-current
Radio working frequency: within 1GHz
Control range: Indoor 30 meters  Outdoor 150 meters
Operating temperature: -20℃~60℃
Useful life: more than 500,000 times
Size(H*W*D): 36mmx64mmx28mm
Weight: 40g

Product describe

 Lighting controller WD35 receives and processes the radio signals which from the wireless switch to control the on and off of lighting device. It integrates core devices, such as microprocessor, wireless transceiver, and relay, which has strong anti-interference ability. It can also use with wireless switch, wireless sensor and smart host.

Product characteristics-lighting controller

Long distance, anti-interference, free to install


Long distance

Have full control of all devices within 30 meters indoor.



There is special ID number for each controller and each switch, which is difficult to interfere.


Free to install


Controller is small enough to put in switch cassette, inside the lamp and many other places.

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