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Self-powered no battery smart wireless light switch

Model: M2
Power supply mode: self-powered
Number of gang :  1gang 2gangs
Radio working frequency: within 1GHz
Control range: Indoor 30 meters  Outdoor 150 meters
Operating temperature: -20℃~60℃
Useful life: 50,000 times

Product describe


What makes us different?
A number of things separate The Battery-free Wireless Light Switch from other wireless light switch products:

· No batteries (Self-powered, never have a "dead" switch; never incur battery-replacement costs)

· Long range (inside 30m. Outside 150m.)

· High Quality (5 years warranty)

· Reliability (Since 2003, installed in over 10,000 buildings worldwide)

· Control a wide variety of devices (Not limited to just plug-in lamps)


· Add light switches and sensors quickly and easily

· Place light switches and sensors anywhere

· Use less materials

· Install 3-way and 4-way switches with no hassle

· Wirelessly control a wide variety of devices



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