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YDeLi S470 digital grounding resistance tester

Product model: S470

Product functions and features:

Two or three line method test grounding resistance, circuit resistance, conduction resistance, equipotential connection resistance, grounding voltage, AC voltage test, according to the new standard of ground resistance test, grounding resistance test current reaches 20mA, military toolbox design, pressure resistance 200kg; FFT, AFC technology, strong anti-interference ability; quantity Course: 0 Omega to 3000 omega; resolution: 0.001 Omega.



Product describe

YDeLi S470 digital grounding resistance tester

S470 digital grounding resistance tester

is designed and manufactured according to the new lightning resistance detection standard. The test current is 20mA, precision 3 wire method or simple 2 line method is used to measure grounding resistance. FFT (fast Fu Liye transform) technology and AFC (automatic frequency control) technology have unique anti-interference ability and environmental adaptability. The conformance of the complex test is strong. It is widely used in the measurement of earthing resistance and grounding voltage of electric power, telecommunication, meteorology, oil field, building, lightning protection and industrial electrical equipment.

The instrument is composed of main host, test wires, auxiliary grounding rod, data software, communication line and so on. The main machine tool box design, with polypropylene plastic as raw material, adds a new type of compound filling material for one injection molding. The density is small, strength, rigidity, hardness, wear resistance, heat resistance and insulation are superior. The box body can bear about 200kg pressure, which ensures high precision, high stability and Gao Ke of all kinds of environment testing. It depends on sex. The mainframe super large LCD display, with backlight, bar map instructions, at a glance, at the same time can store 2000 sets of data, through the data software can achieve historical data reading, access, storage, report, printing and other functions.

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