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White Double Control Self Power Wireless Light Switches

Model: DIDIOK-5016
Operational frequency:  within 1GHZ
Power supply: self-powered
Operating temperature:  -20℃ up to +50℃
Endurance: 50,000 times, around 15 years
Dimension: 86mm x 86mm x 16mm

Product describe

With energy –harvesting B20 technology, DIDIOK is introducing self-powered wireless light switches without running wires. By pressing the switches, it can generate enough electricity to send radio signal to a light controller which commands a light fixture or any home appliance to turn on or off. It helps to save labor cost and the cabling cost and makes life easier.


No Batteries, No Wires
By pressing the switch, the mechanical energy turning into electricity energy. No need battery, no power line, green and safety. With basic electrician knowledge, you can do the installation of our wireless switch on your own quickly and easily.

No Wiring, No Cabling, Saving over half cost
no need to running wires, place switch anywhere without breaking walls, saving wire cost and cabling time and labor cost.

High Flexibility
30m (100feet) communcation range with no direction restriction and remote control through walls at home; one switch can control one light fixture, or several light fixtures, or several switches control one light fixture at the same time. The switch can be installed in glass door, wardrobe door, desk, bed side stand etc, or you can take the wireless switch in your hand to control the light fixture, fans or home appliance. With using self – powered wireless switch, you can control the light fixture anytime or anywhere in your home

Colorful selection
We have colorful switches with many types for your options. You can choose your preferred colors to decorate your home.

The comparison between traditional switch and DIDIOK wireless switch
Traditional switch DIDIOK Wireless switch with no battery 

High wires and pipe cost
High installation labor cost
Long installation time
Difficult to reform
Lots of construction waste
Easy use, install easily and quickly
Cost-reductionHigh flexibility
Green and safety,
Low consumption
Environmental protection


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