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Heavy-duty Fire-fighting UAV for Forest Fire Fighting

 Dry powder spray type F50-GF

Equipped with visible and infrared cameras to track fire sources

Spray dry powder at any angle

Effective coverage area of 300 square meters

Special effect dry powder net weight 24KG

 Water-based Fire Extinguishing Agent Spray Type F50-SP

The nozzle can automatically adjust, and any hillside can be covered

The water is sprayed obliquely downward or vertically above the fire source

The water loading capacity is 50KGs

The spraying is completed in 3 minutes

The water is sprayed by adjusting the orientation of the drone

 Fire Extinguishing Bomb Vertical Throwing Type F50-CD

Water-based liquid filling capacity is not less than 30KG, covering an area of 200 square meters

Equipped with fire bomb throwing decision-making system and aiming system


The drone maintains a certain flight altitude and keeps the aircraft flying reliably in the event of a major fire

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