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Multi-optical Fusion Intelligent Inspection Instrument

Key promotion and application projects of the State Grid Equipment Department

It integrates "infrared thermal imaging thermometer + height measuring rangefinder + night vision

device + inspection telescope + inspection PDA + camera + DV camera + positioning navigator

+ sound and light alarm and rescue device + VR glasses" in one. products are mainly used in

various important production businesses such as power inspection, power protection, emergency

repair and so on.




Product describe

1. Industrial-grade 5G handheld inspection equipment
2. Uncooled infrared thermal imaging long-distance precision thermometer, breaking the 150-meter distance Accurate temperature measurement

3. Day and night type all-weather space distance automatic measuring instrument, breaking through the existing height measurement and distance measurement

The limitations of manual recording and calculation of the instrument

4. Multi-spectral fusion telescope with integrated touch screen and VR dual display, breaking through the traditional Telescope operation and observation adaptability limitations



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