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TY-3R air-water rescue UAV system


 TY-3R Air-Water Dual-Role Rescue Drone System is A

Fast-responsive, emergency equipment for rescue action in water

Designed with Highly integrated structure, small-sized and light-weight

design with reliable flight performance and capability, this equipment

minimizes the risk of rescue in water, and improves the probability of

successfully saving life.

TY-3R Air-Water Rescue Drone System not only enriches the types of

water rescue equipment in China, and also improves the water emergency

management system,which can protect the safety of people's lives and

property in a better way.

water emergency rescue equipment air-water dual-purpose rescue drone, which organically combines drones and life buoys, which can be understood as a "flying lifebuoy"or"Drone with buoyancy"


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Flying Lifebuoy Water Rescue Drone 


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