• YDeLi flexible coil large current recorder

  • 11st-13rd June Asia Power Exhibition

    11st-13rd June Asia Power Exhibition General Assembly official network 2018 China (Guangzhou) South Network Asia Electric Power Electrician smart grid Exhibition Asia Electric Power Exhibition International Smart Grid exhibition, international power electrician exhibition power and Electronics Show

  • YDELI Digital grounding resistance tester

    Digital grounding resistance tester Two or three wire method to test grounding resistance, loop resistance and on resistance. Equipotential connection resistance, grounding voltage and AC voltage test

  • Clamp CT sensor

    Clamp CT sensor Grounding resistance CT sensor Current CT sensor Leakage current CT sensor

  • The hook large current meter?

    Hook large current meter Cable leakage current patrol meter AC, leakage current, load current test

  • YDeLi AC Clamp detector

    Phase, volt, amp, leakage current, frequency, phase sequence test Transformer, conductive circuit, capacitive circuit judgement, Power and power factor indirect test

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Company profile

DIDIOK is a leading high-tech enterprise manufacturing remote sensing, telemetry, remote control, intelligent, digital, high-end instrumentation, R & D, manufacturing, sales and application services.  We have qualified experts to dedicate in the research and development of wireless control technology. 

The company develops and manufactured a series of wireless high voltage satellite long distance base station fixed phase detect phase detector, wireless high voltage hook type large ampere meter, wireless high voltage grounding fault lookup tester, wireless high voltage electric energy meter, wireless high voltage hook voltmeter, wireless high voltage phase sequence table, wireless high voltage electrical apparatus, phase voltammeter, DC resistance tester The intelligent equipotential test instrument, the box type grounding resistance tester, the high pressure MEG meter, the cable recognition instrument, the special equipment toolbox and so on not only improve the production efficiency, but also win the good praise of the vast number of users.


DIDIOK undertakes strict quality control system and insists on perfect workmanship and the use of top quality materials. Quality is our core value. Advanced production lines, strict inspection process, a professional experts team, is a guarantee for our high quality products. With a principle of being creative, advanced and honest, we win trust and confidence from many customers in domestic and oversea.