• TY-3R air-water rescue UAV system

    TY-3R Air-Water Dual-Role Rescue Drone System is A Fast-responsive, emergency equipment for rescue action in water Designed with Highly integrated structure, small-sized and light-weight design with reliable flight performance and capability, this equipment minimizes the risk of rescue in water, and improves the probability of successfully saving life. TY-3R Air-Water Rescue Drone System not only enriches the types of water rescue equipment in China, and also improves the water emergency management system,which can protect the safety of people's lives and property in a better way.



Company profile

Guangzhou Didiok Making Co.,Ltd( Guangzhou R&D Center) was established in 2015,located in Pan yu District,Guangzhou City DIDIOK Technology and Shanghai Boyue jointly develop, produce and sell smart home products, and have obtained a number of invention patents in ultra-low-power wireless sensor chip technology, ultra-low-power wireless control communication technology, self-power supply technology, embedded system technology, etc. and technical achievements.

The company has always been concerned about the development of cutting-edge technology ,In 2022, it will reach a strategic cooperation with Jiangsu Tianyu Aviation Technology Group to become the "Jiangsu Tianyu Aviation Technology Group" Tianyu TY-3R air-water dual-use UAV life preserver and series Guangdong provincial general distributor of products".At the same time, a research and development team was established to carry out joint development of special emergency escape kits with Tianyu Airlines, and actively promote the development of products. With the research and development of new energy products and new material technologies as the main direction, it provides technical service promotion of new materials, thermal insulation materials, and fireproof materials , emergency rescue equipment, smart wearable equipment and other sales and technical service.


DIDIOK undertakes strict quality control system and insists on perfect workmanship and the use of top quality materials. Quality is our core value. Advanced production lines, strict inspection process, a professional experts team, is a guarantee for our high quality products. With a principle of being creative, advanced and honest, we win trust and confidence from many customers in domestic and oversea.