• How to rescue someone quickly when he falls into the water?

    TY-3R Air-Water Dual-Role Rescue Drone System rescue advantages.It Solves problem with slow responding speed when rescuing drowning person in water with conventional method. It greatly reduces the risk and loss of the rescuers themselves during human rescue.It further solves the embarrassing situation that it is inconvenient to use large rescue equipment in some complex areas.It has played a role in promoting and improving the traditional rescue mode in emergency rescue operations.

  • firefighting drone

    Heavy-duty Fire-fighting UAV for Forest Fire Fighting,Load capacity 80kg, flight time 4 hours.

  • TY-3R air-water rescue drone system

    TY-3R Air-Water Dual-Role Rescue Drone System is A Fast-responsive, emergency equipment for rescue action in water Designed with Highly integrated structure, small-sized and light-weight design with reliable flight performance and capability, this equipment minimizes the risk of rescue in water, and improves the probability of successfully saving life. TY-3R Air-Water Rescue Drone System not only enriches the types of water rescue equipment in China, and also improves the water emergency management system,which can protect the safety of people's lives and property in a better way.

1.Respond quickly and fly to the person who fell into
   the water to provide timely and effective rescue.
2.Can take off and land multiple times on the water,
   waterproof grade IP68
3.Remote control possible, precise hovering,
   and supports real-time transmission of search and rescue images
4.It solves the pain points of slow rescue speed and environmental restrictions,
   and improves the water rescue equipment system.




The TY-3R air-water rescue drone system is used for emergency rescue in water areas and is a powerful rescue tool in the new era. Produced by the Shanghai Fire Protection Research Institute and passed the public security fire protection certification, it is a product transformed from scientific and technological achievements of the Key Laboratory of Fire Emergency Rescue Equipment and Emergency Management. It organically combines drones and lifebuoys, can respond quickly to drowning emergencies, and solves the pain points of traditional rescue tools such as slow speed and environmental interference. It can take off and land multiple times on the water surface, send back search and rescue pictures in real time, and flexibly cope with complex conditions in various waters. If danger is found, it can quickly fly to the person who fell into the water through remote control, and help him escape from life-threatening danger with high efficiency and precision. The invention of this product not only enriches the types of water rescue equipment in my country, improves the water rescue system, improves the success rate of rescue, but also reduces rescue risks. It can be said to be a win-win situation. The product weighs only 4.38 kilograms, has a remote control distance of one kilometer, a speed of up to 15 meters per second, and a waterproof rating of IP 68. The shell is made of high-strength composite toughness material and is not easily damaged. The products can be used in water rescue in rivers, seas, rivers, lakes, tourist attractions, large wetland parks, fleets, yachts, offshore drilling platforms, freshwater aquaculture, areas prone to floods and other areas where public security, marine police, coast guard, fishery, etc. It can be equipped by government, fire emergency, tourism management and other departments.
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