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About Us

Company profile

 DIDIOK MAKINGS is a company focusing on the R&D and sales of intelligent drones. It was established in 2015 and is located in Panyu District, Guangzhou, China. The company is committed to innovating for customers, developing new energy products, new material technologies and service promotion, and selling fireproof materials, emergency rescue equipment, and the import and export of commodities and their technologies.  DIDIOK MAKINGS has obtained a number of invention patents and technological achievements.
 The company's product TY-3R water rescue drone is an innovative emergency response technology that organically combines a drone with a lifebuoy and can be understood as a "flying lifebuoy" or a "buoyant drone." This compact, lightweight, stable and reliable device is designed to quickly perform rescue missions in a variety of aquatic environments, including oceans, rivers and lakes, significantly reducing the risks inherent in traditional rescue methods and increasing rescue success rates while ensuring rescue Safety of personnel.
 In addition, DIDIOK MAKINGS also offers kitchen safety- fire apron, which are products made of special composite materials that can withstand high temperatures up to 1296°C and are fire-proof certified. When the kitchen oil pan catches fire, it can be removed immediately to extinguish the fire source and prevent fire accidents. The product is fire-resistant, skin-friendly and reusable. When the fire is too large, it can cover important parts of the body to escape.
 Not only that, our company is also the agent supplier of Daliang Mingjiu. This Chinese Baijiu is novel and unique. It is delicious and easy to wake up quickly. It is available in 30.8, 38, 45, 52 and 58 degrees. It is suitable for both men and women of all ages. The reason why we choose this wine is because we trust its quality. Our boss is a drinker, and he always uses this Daliang Ming wine when entertaining guests at company dinners. People who drank this wine were shocked when they woke up the next day and placed orders to buy it. Generally, women will choose white spirit with 38% or 45% alcohol, while men will choose white spirit with 52 or 58% alcohol. If you like drinking, you can come directly to us to taste it offline to ensure you have a different experience.
 For more information about DIDIOK MAKINGS or to purchase a TY-3R water rescue drone, fire apron,please connect me WhatsApp +86 17303974635  or email rainzhao@didiok.org

Main products

TY-3R water rescue drone(Rapid emergency rescue equipment on the water)

Fire  Apron (It can be used for kitchen fire,).

Daliang Mingjiu(Ming-flavor liquor blended with tea and Liquor)



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WhatsApp:+86 17303974635
Mail: rainzhao@didiok.org
Address:201,326-328, Ping Kang Rd, Sha Xu I, ShiQiao St, PanYu Dist, Guangzhou CHINA
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