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TY3R flying lifebuoy

 DIDIOK MAKINGS rescue equipment

 TY-3R Air-Water Dual-Role Rescue Drone System

is a fast-responsive, emergency equipment for rescue action in water

Designed with Highly integrated structure, small-sized and light-weight

design with reliable flight performance and capability, this equipment

minimizes the risk of rescue in water, and improves the probability of

successfully saving life.

Water rescue equipment ty-3r flying lifebuoy

TY-3R Air-Water Rescue Drone System not only enriches the types of

water rescue equipment in China, and also improves the water emergency

management system,which can protect the safety of people's lives and

property in a better way.

water emergency rescue equipment air-water dual-purpose rescue drone, which organically combines drones and life buoys, which can be understood as a "flying lifebuoy"or"Drone with buoyancy"


If you are interested, please contact me directly,Or search for "TY-3Rair and water rescue drone






Product describe

Welcome to the future of water rescue operations where innovation meets urgency. Introducing the TY3R drone, a powerful piece of aviation technology designed to provide unparalleled assistance in critical moments on the water. Designed to excel in challenging aquatic environments, this powerful and agile unmanned aerial system (UAS) changes the landscape of search and rescue (SAR) missions worldwide.

Cutting edge capabilities:

Advanced flight control and positioning system:

TY-3R has built-in accurate GPS and intelligent flight control system, which can maintain excellent accuracy even under adverse conditions.

Rapid deployment:

The integrated design of the drone and lifebuoy can quickly fly to the person who falls into the water within a minute, greatly improving the victim's chance of survival.

Real-time image transmission and communication:

TY-3R is equipped with communication and video transmission functions. The remote control is like a mobile phone and equipped with a camera on the aircraft, which acts as a lifeline between first responders and those in need, forwarding important information to the command center and rescue team.


TY3R is made of first-class aviation-compatible materials. It is lightweight and durable, has stable and fast flight, is easy to operate, and has a waterproof rating of IP68. It can take off and land multiple times on the water, and can conduct rescue operations within a radius of 1 kilometer.
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All in all, the TY-3R drone is a guardian angel for anyone caught in aquatic danger. As the latest advancement in water rescue technology, TY3R stands at the forefront of a new era where every second counts and lives matter. Whether you are a professional rescuer or managing public safety at large events, adding the TY-3R to your rescue arsenal will undoubtedly expand the effectiveness and scope of your lifesaving operations.


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